Đề bài: The tendency of news reports in the media to focus more on problems and emergencies rather than on positive developments is harmful to the individuals and the society as a whole. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

(Xu hướng của giới truyền thông chỉ tập trung vào những vấn đề, sự cấp bách hơn là sự phát triển tích cực, thì nguy hiểm với cá nhân và xã hội. Mức độ đồng ý của bạn như thế nào?)


The human society is reaching a phase where the press and media shift their focus almost exclusively on negative aspects of life in the hope of attracting their audience. This news reporting direction stems from the people’s on-going dissatisfaction with the public system, and may bring about a lot more problems than benefits to their citizens and communities if it is not handled in a careful manner.

A heavy emphasis on emergency and unwanted problems may lead to mass misinformation. As the media have already had a great deal of influence on the population, such one-dimensional journalism is especially harmful to the majority of the people, who often do not bother to validate any pieces of information they come across on a daily basis. Several articles published not so long ago concerning child casualties after being vaccinated have caused many to go anti-vax by refusing to have their new-born children vaccinated against various diseases. As a result, many communities in Europe and America have lost their immune statuses, accompanied by the resurgence of measles and other deadly illnesses.

Having said that, negative issues are not to be neglected entirely, but to be tackled with great care and altruism. One major benefit to having public problems on the front page is that it can draw a lot more attention from the audience. However, such articles and news reports have to be approached from a neutral standpoint, where readers and TV viewers can grasp the view of the current situation while at the same time be informed about on-going efforts to combat these unwanted incidents, be it by the community, scientists, or governments.

In conclusion, while news reports focusing only on negativity can be extremely harmful to the target audience, a more objective approach to these problems is needed to ensure that individuals are well-aware of what is going on, and public’s perception of such issues is thorough.

  • The press (n): truyền thông
  • Dissatisfaction (n): bất mãn
  • Emphasis (n): nhấn mạnh
  • Misinformation (n): thiếu thông tin
  • One-dimensional (adj): đơn chiều
  • Validate (v): xác thực
  • Casualty (n): ca tử vong
  • Immune (adj): miễn dịch
  • Resurgence (n): bùng phát
  • Altruism (n): sự bất vị kỷ
  • Neutral (adj) : trung lập
  • Public’s perception: góc nhìn dư luận
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