1. Out of the blue: hoàn toàn bất ngờ

Example: “That storm came out of the blue and I didn’t have an umbrella!”

2. Green with envy: ghen tị

Example: “Katie was green with envy when she saw you got a new car for your birthday.”

3. Gray area: chưa rõ ràng, chưa xác định

Example: The issue of allowing mobile phones in the classroom is a gray area right now- it could go either way.

4. Caught red-handed: bắt quả tang

Example: “He was caught red-handed while stealing those candy bars.”

5. Green thumb: có kỹ năng trong lĩnh vực làm vườn

Example: “My mother has a green thumb- she can make anything grow!”

6. Black sheep: lạc lõng, không giống mọi người.

Example: “Rachel is the black sheep in the family because she is an artist whereas everyone else is an economist.”

7. Once in a blue moon: rất hiếm hoi, hiếm khi

Example: “Once in a blue moon you will see that mean professor smile.”

8. Take the red eye: chuyến bay đêm muộn và đáp vào sáng sớm

Example: “I took the red eye from California to New York last night and now I am exhausted.”

9. Tickled pink: thực sự rất vui, hài lòng

Example: “Your grandma was tickled pink that you called on her birthday!”

10. White lie: lời nói dối nhỏ để tránh làm tổn thương ai đó

Example: “I didn’t like her dress, but I told a white lie because I didn’t want to offend her.

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