Đề bài: The diagram show the process of creating a compost as garden fertilizer out of recycled organic waste materials such as leftover foods, newspapers and grasses.

(Biểu đồ cho thấy quá trình tạo ra phân bón trong vườn từ các chất thải hữu cơ tái chế như thức ăn thừa, giấy báo và cỏ.)


The given process displays the stages that saw organic waste being turned into fertilizer.
With an overall glance, the procedure includes five steps initiating with the collection of material into a container and ends with usage of the final product.
Evidently, it all begins by acquiring a 2 cubic meter plastic container punctured throughout its body for intake of air. Following after, food is placed into the chamber, them comes grass on top of it, of which stacked at 15 cm thick. Then, newspaper is used to cover the input as nitrogen and water, specifically limited to that of high temperature, fill the body. Once the container is sealed on top, external heat contributes to the formation of the compost. At the end of a six-month pending time span, the fertilizer will he ready for gardening.


  • Organic waste (n): Chất thải hữu cơ
  • Procedure (n) Quá trình
  • Initiate (v): Bắt đầu
  • Container (n): Vật chứa
  • Usage (n: Sự sử dụng
  • Acquire (v): Lấy được
  • Cubic meter (n): mét khối
  • Puncture (v): Chọc thủng
  • Intake (n): Sự cung cấp
  • Chamber (n): Buồng chứa, phòng chứa
  • Stack (v): Chồng chất
  • Seal (v): Niêm phong
  • External (adj): Từ bên ngoài
  • Compost (n): Phân trộn
  • Pending (adj): Sắp xảy ra
  • Gardening (v) việc làm vườn

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