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Task 2: People think that children nowadays have more freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Childhood is supposed to be the worryless period of human life. Presently,majority of the people assert that children are given too much freedom to enjoy their life accordingly. Here , i would like to accord the given statement by mentioning my own opinion.

There are multifarious points to shore up my point of view. First and foremost, lack of quality time devoted by parents , to look after their children, provides full freedom to the chldren. To be specific, they plan their schedule according to their own wish by having no restrictions on watching tv, playing games and so on. As a result, nowadays, children have too much freedom. Apart from it , parents send their children away from home to get a quality education,which offers them a great freedom and children enjoy shopping with friends ,watching movies and so on. Therefore, they get a quality freedom to enjoy without restrictions of elders.

Further emphasizing onmy point of view , being well educated in this modern context , parents want their children to become extrovert and socialize. For instance, they do not interface in their eating , wearing , living lifestyles and personal life well.Thence, children are given full freedom to go through their life happily and prosperously.On the other hand, others view it throuh darker side.

To begin with, to avoid them from diverting toward wrong paths of crime, drug addiction and so on , parents keep an eye on their children as, being impulsive, they can be diverted easily .Furthermore, they put restrictions ob their living styles and also make some rules and regulations for outings. As a result, they are not given enough freedom .

To recaputulate , there is no doubt to say that children should be given freedom for their overall development but it should not be unnecessary.

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